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Research and development

In 2013, Raisioagro's research activities focused on the efficacy verification of the Benemilk® feed innovation by scientific studies in various animal breeds and feeding models. In addition, new Benemilk products were developed and launched in Finland; the product line now includes an alternative for the most common feeding models used in Finland.

During 2013, scientific studies related to the Benemilk innovation were conducted in Finland as well as in Holland, Sweden and France. Based on the preliminary research results, we know that the Benemilk concept works well in cow feeding based on both grass and corn silage as well as with various breeds of cattle. In these studies, energy-corrected milk yield has increased by 2.5 kg per cow per day on average. Consequently, the feed efficiency expressed as kilogram of energy-corrected milk per kilogram of feed has improved by almost 10%.

Efficacy of Benemilk feeds proven by scientific studies

Benemilk product family was expanded with five new feeds in the autumn. The product line available in Finland now includes three compound feeds, four protein feeds and one feed for milking robot feeding.

The company filed several further patent applications related to the Benemilk invention in 2013.

Benemilk Ltd

Sustainable farming of healthy salmon

Raisioagro has been a key partner for the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute in the development process of the new fish feed. Salmon feeding can made more plant-based without reducing the nutritional values of the fish. With this invention, both the profitability and ecological sustainability of salmon farming will improve as the use of expensive fish oil produced from wild fish can be significantly reduced.

Raisio's Stock Exhange Release 7 January 2014: Raisio and Intellectual Ventures to patent a Finnish fish feed invention in the USA

The use of rapeseed oil in salmon feeds helps reduce the pressure on wild fish stocks.

Raisioagro's product range of fish feeds renewed significantly with the introduction of the new fish feed invention. Raisioagro developed a feeding programme called Hercules LP ΩPTI, which ensures the formation of wholesome fatty acids in salmon while improving significantly the production chain and profitability of fish farming. With Hercules LP fish feeds, which Finnish fish farmers use the most, it is possible to reduce phosphorous emissions of fish farming by about 26%.

Product development with animals' needs in mind

Raisioagro also launched Vita fish feeds for small fry. New Silver Pro white fish feeds contain more protein and fat than before in order to ensure effective growth.

With increased pork output, the feeds were supplemented with minerals that can now be better utilised. This ensures effective growth and animal health.

In poultry, our brood stock feeds were renewed to meet new nutrient recommendations. Feeds for laying hens were developed to better meet the prolonged egg laying period.

Aiming at innovation and pioneering

Raisioagro's R&D aims to develop new feed mixes and feeding solutions that

  • improve the effectiveness and profitability of livestock production;
  • secure the health and well-being of animals;
  • reduce the environmental load of livestock production;
  • make feeding work easier and
  • improve the nutritional quality of livestock products.

Raisioagro is a highly skilled professional in livestock feeding and fish farming. We work closely with our customers and help the farmers plan feeding solutions meeting their requirements.

We ensure the safety and high quality of our products through effective self-control and operate according to the quality and environmental certification that we have been granted. We are committed to continuously improve our operations.