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Online store

Sales in Raisioagro's online store more than doubled in 2013. Raisio has extended the selection of its online store and continues to actively develop the service. Online store, designed for Raisioagro's contract customers, is the most affordable and convenient shopping channel for the customer since the prices and conditions are the same as when ordering from a salesperson.

Online store growing in popularity

All the products of Raisioagro's line can be purchased directly from the online store. Online store also sells the products of the company's partners, for example Yara's fertilisers and Neste Oil's fuel oils. Bulk feed was the most ordered product group in the store. Fuel oil is a good runner-up, and the orders of plant protection products and fertilisers are increasing.

Raisioagro is expanding its online product range even further. We aim to provide all farming supplies in our online store reliably and at competitive prices. We also offer our customers an additional online discount.

Launch of online store open to all

In addition to our online store for contract customers, we have launched an open-to-all online store based on cash payment. Apart from bulk feed and fuel oils, Raisioagro's entire product range is available in the open online store.

Raisioagro's online store