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Raisio's idea activities

Raisio's idea activities aim to create new and improved practices, products or processes that add value to the company, its customers and employees. At best, ideas can generate new business and growth, but small and everyday improvements can also develop Raisio's operations. Raisio has idea activities in Finland and the Czech Republic.

Finland: Idea activities in 2013

In 2013, Raisio's action plan in Finland in the idea activities aimed to increase activeness in idea creation and to develop idea process and indicators. Raisio communicated about the idea activities through various staff channels and arranged an idea campaign with a common theme in the autumn.

About a third of Finnish employees participated actively, some presenting their own ideas, some giving statements and some developing the system. The results show that activities improved from the previous years, both in the number of ideas and in the level of participation.

In 2013, the company recorded a total of 177 ideas of which 87% were processed by the end of the year. Raisio decided to carry out approximately 45% of the ideas created.

32% of all ideas focused on environmental, health and work safety issues. Our staff recorded an average of 0.43 ideas per person.