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Fish feeds

Sales in Raisioagro's fish feeds increased by almost a third due to the innovative fish feed invention and environmentally sustainable product range. In addition, weather conditions in our key markets, Finland and Northwest Russia, were favourable for fish farming in 2013. 

The product concept of Hercules LP Opti has been very well received in the markets and due to the invention, Raisioagro's position in the Finnish market strengthened considerably during 2013. Raisioagro is the only Finnish fish feed producer.

Sales increase with new fish feed invention

Raisioagro is a significant operator in our most important export market, Northwest Russia. Today, greater attention is given to the environmental impact of fish farming and we have the right products for the growing market of Northwest Russia. About half of the fish feeds produced by Raisioagro are exported.

The concept of Hercules LP ΩPTI combines new invention and environmental issues

The new Opti belongs to the Raisioagro's environmentally friendly Hercules LP product line (LP = low phosphorus). Hercules LP was launched in 2009 and it was the first in the world to use phytase enzyme in feed for big rainbow trout. Due to the enzyme, the phosphorus load of waterways was reduced by 26%.

The new Opti feed has been developed for the final stage of salmon farming to ensure the optimal amount of the healthy EPA and DHA fatty acids naturally found in oily fish. Raisioagro has been a key partner for the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute in the development process of the new fish feed.

Raisio's Stock Exhange Release 7 January 2014: Raisio and Intellectual Ventures to patent a Finnish fish feed invention in the USA

Vegetable oil replacing the fish oil from wild fish

In recent years, vegetable oils have been increasingly used in salmon feeding globally, since the production chain and profitability of fish farming can be significantly improved with the use of more affordable vegetable oil instead of much more expensive fish oil. High price of fish oil is a sign of the volume shortage in relation to demand.

Increased vegetable oil use reduces the pressure on wild fish stocks.
With higher use of vegetable oil, the amount of healthy fatty acids in salmon will decrease because the fish mainly gets these fatty acids from fish oil. Raisioagro uses rapeseed oil to replace fish oil. With Hercules LP Opti, it is possible to have the levels of EPA and DHA fatty acids in salmon back on the levels recommended in dietary guidelines as the feed for the final stage of farming includes a high amount of fish oil.

Thanks to Hercules LP Opti, Finnish rainbow trout remains an important source of EPA and DHA fatty acids. Rainbow trout fed Raisioagro's LP Opti contain the amount of fatty acids, good for the heart and blood vessels, recommended by The National Institute for Health and Welfare (200 grams of fish per week) and lowers the environmental impact of fish farming.