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Environmental protection

Raisio's environmental protection work is  continuous improvement. Primary aim of our long-term and systematic environmental work is to improve and enhance the quality of operations and to minimise emissions.

Investments in environmental protection

The investments improved, for example, the exhaust air recycling of the drying system and energy-efficiency of lighting. In order to improve safety, we have developed our fire alarm and fire suppression systems, among other things.

Environmental damages

Raisio Group avoided serious environmental damages. Minor incidents were reported in Finland and the UK.

Finland: Minor dust explosion in Ylivieska

In June, a minor dust explosion occurred at the Ylivieska feed factory as a metal object got into the elevator. The situation did not cause any personal injuries or fire. To prevent a similar situation, Raisio will modify the elevator structure during 2014.

Finland: Unbalanced production process resulted in an odour nuisance

The Raisio-based vegetable oil factory had a six-month production shutdown in 2013. The production process became unbalanced when it was restarted at the beginning of October. Due to the situation, about 100 tons of rapeseed meal unfit for product use was compacted in the silo. As the silo was emptied, it caused a minor odour nuisance.

UK: A leak into a stream in Newport

In our Newport factory, a leak into a local stream was highlighted by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) in February 2013. Raisio corrective work on the leak, cleaning and restoration of the land was completed by July 2013 and approved by NRW. It was also agreed with the local authority that Raisio will install two three-stage interceptors to prevent re-occurrence. The work begun in early 2014.