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Main events in 2013


Benemilk product line launched in Finland

Benemilk feeds proven to increase milk yield and improve the contents of milk. In addition, feed efficiency is improved.

New GRAS status for plant stanol ester of Benecol products

FDA acknowledged the GRAS status of plant stanol ester for use of multiple food products.


Raisio and Intellectual Ventures set up a joint venture in Finland

The joint venture called Benemilk Ltd aims to develop and strengthen the intellectual property rights portfolio related to the Benemilk® invention and to commercialise the invention for global markets.

The US-based esterification plant sold to Avoca Inc.

The production of plant stanol ester, a Benecol product ingredient, centralised to the Raisio-based factory. 


Interim Report: Raisio's EBIT improved by 20% in January-March

Group's net sales amounted to EUR 128.3 and EBIT to 8.0 million, which is 6.2% of net sales. 

Non-dairy business sold to Kavli

Kavli makes Elovena snack drinks for Raisio. The snack drinks have strengthened their position as part of the Elovena product line.


10 new Benemilk patent applications

By 31 July 2013, Benemilk Oy has filed a total of 10 new international patent applications related to the Benemilk invention.

Interim Report: Raisio's performance improved in January-June

Group's net sales totalled EUR 148.6 million and EBIT, excluding one-off items, EUR 11.0 million accounting for 7.4% of net sales.


Benecol products launched in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Raisio uses a new alternative business model as Raisio itself and the local Benecol product distributor are jointly responsible for business operations.


Benecol products launched in the Philippines

Raisio's Benecol partner Kalbe International launched Benecol smoothies in the Philippines. 

Cooperation negotiations in the milling industry ended

Raisio decided to continue the oilseed crushing but to lay off the plant personnel until further notice in early 2014.


Interim Report: Record EBIT for Raisio in January-September

Group's net sales totalled EUR 149.5 million and EBIT, excluding one-off items, EUR 12.0 million accounting for 8.0% of net sales.