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Raisio's sustainable food chain

Sustainability in Raisio's vision

Raisio's vision is to be a forerunner in ecological and healthy snacks with leading brands as well as an active developer of sustainable food chain.

Sustainable development became part of Raisio Group's vision and strategy in 2007, when Raisio's new management redefined the company's strategy and vision at the end of the year of crisis 2006. With the new strategy, Raisio's performance has improved for seven consecutive years. During these seven years, Raisio has put in a lot of effort to develop and understand the responsibility and environmental impact of its supply chain. For example, carbon and water footprint calculations have provided further information about the product life cycle impact.

Corporate responsibility governance

Raisio takes the aspects of responsible business into account in its decision-making at all levels of the organisation. For monitoring of corporate responsibility, Raisio's management prepares a quality, environmental, health and safety report, which is annually reviewed by Raisio's Board of Directors and twice a year by the Group's Management Team. In addition, Management Teams of the businesses annually assess the aspects and targets related to corporate responsibility. Realisation of the targets is monitored on an ongoing basis. Sustainability considerations have been included in Raisio's process descriptions and scorecards, and they are also monitored as part of the quality and environmental management systems. This way, responsibility aspects are extensively made part Raisio's practical activities.