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Strategic targets

Raisio's vision is to be a forerunner in ecological and healthy snacks with leading brands as well as an active developer of sustainable food chain. The company's strategic targets are based on this vision.

Raisio was the best value creator of the Helsinki Stock Exchange in the review published at the end of 2013*. In addition, Raisio has strengthened its positions as the most profitable Finnish listed food company able to increase its dividend for eight consecutive years.
Raisio Group achieved record EBIT of almost EUR 40 million in 2013.

Clear improvement in EBIT was a good achievement from the company and organisation in the challenging economic situation of Europe. The Group's balance sheet has been kept strong with a positive cash flow of more than EUR 70 million. Raisio is a net debt free company despite the acquisitions of EUR 200 million completed on a debt free basis during the growth phase. This gives a good opportunity to continue the implementation of the growth phase in line with our strategy.


During its growth phase, Raisio has not only carried out acquisitions, but also divested businesses that do not fit the company's core strategy. Other operators have a good chance to develop these businesses. In 2013, Raisio sold its Turku-based non-dairy factory and US-based esterification plant.

Our confectionery business of almost EUR 100 million is a good example of Raisio's operations that complement the company's vision by being profitable, growing businesses in their own markets. In these operations, we can also promote the ecology in line with our vision through the development work based on customer needs.

At Raisio, 2013 was a year of streamlining. We implemented and initiated several measures and investments related to the streamlining of operations. The most significant investments are the transfers of the UK snack bar and confectionery productions to other locations from discontinued sites. Snack bar production at the Newport factory will reach full capacity in the first quarter of 2014. The transfer of confectionery production to UK Leicester factory and to the Czech Rohatec factory will be completed in the second half of 2014.

Raisio is an active innovator

Raisio's inventions to global challenges

Raisio is a very active innovator in the solving of global challenges of the food and agro chains. In recent years, we have been able to create inventions that profitably improve the efficiency of livestock production. Raisio has the ability, desire and skills to create innovations improving profitability and efficiency of the food and agro chains in a sustainable way.

Brands aim to grow profitably

To be a forerunner in the Brands Division can be seen in the development of healthy and ecological snacks meeting consumer needs and in their share in our portfolio. Raisio aims to grow profitably both organically and through acquisitions.
Targets of Consumer brands:

  • Improvement of business profitability
  • Increase of the share of branded products in the range
  • Profitable growth organically and through acquisitions

Targets of Benecol:

  • Strengthening of competitiveness on current markets together with the partners
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Development and commercialisation of new products

Raisioagro aims to improve profitability

At Raisioagro, being a forerunner can be seen in the company's ability to create new inventions that sustainably improve efficiency and profitability of livestock production. As a modern agritrader, Raisioagro seeks organic growth through its product range and comprehensive service concept meeting the farmers' needs.

Targets of Raisioagro:

  • Improvement of business profitability
  • Development and commercialisation of innovations creating added value
  • Improvement of cost efficiency
  • Increase in online store sales and expansion of the farming supplies range

* Boston Consulting Group 11/2013