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Environmental objectives for 2012-2016

Raisio aims to reduce the key environmental impacts, i.e. energy and water use, as well as to prevent waste and wastewater generation. New environmental objectives were set for the Finnish production plants in 2013. The objectives will be set for production plants in other countries as soon as enough monitoring data has been collected.

In 2011, Raisio set numerical environmental objectives for the Finnish production plants for the period of 2012-2014. Year 2011 was the comparison year. Last year, Raisio set new targets for its Finnish production plants for the following three years. In addition, Raisio revised the Group's calculated objectives for the period of 2014-2016 to meet current continuing operations and changed production structures. In the future, Raisio will set objectives annually for at least three years ahead.


No landfill waste

Raisio's target is to generate no landfill waste in Finland in 2016.


At Raisio's Finnish production plants, specific energy consumption decreased from 2011 to 2013 by


per tonne of product.


At Raisio's Finnish production plants, landfill waste decreased on the comparison year by


Targets and realisation

The targets are set for the specific use of commodities per tonne of product.

Year 2013

In 2013, specific energy use per tonne of product decreased by almost 2.6 per cent as compared to 2011. The specific drinking water consumption decreased by 3.8 per cent. All plants could not reduce the wastewater volume as effectively, since the volume is also affected by the amount of condensate generated by the steam use. Landfill waste volume decreased by 40 per cent on the comparison year.

At the end of January 2014, the Raisio-based vegetable oil factory was closed until further notice. Due to the uncertain situation, Raisio has not set any environmental targets for the factory for the coming three-year period. The interruption in the oil milling production as well as the divestment of Turku-based non-dairy factory both affected the specific consumption volumes of environmental objectives.

Environmental objectives for 2014-2016

All Raisio's environmental objectives for 2014 – 2016 are set so that they guide the company to controlled and effective operations. In the coming years, the reduction of energy consumption will become difficult due to the new hygiene requirements set for feeds, which will increase the steam use. Raisio aims, however, to reduce the specific energy consumption per tonne of product by almost 9 per cent compared to the 2013 level.

The specific water volumes per tonne of product are under Raisio's intensified monitoring. Due to the projected growth in Raisio's production volumes, the specific water use is projected to increase. Raisio aims to have an approximately two-percent decrease in the specific wastewater volume as compared to the 2013 level. This means that the objectives will remain challenging due to the projected changes in production volumes. As for the waste, Raisio's target is that no landfill waste will be generated in Finland in 2016.