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Nutrition and product safety

Tasty, ecological, healthy and safe products that meet the customer needs are in the core of Raisio's operations. In 2013, Raisio's major nutritional innovations were related to animal feeds.

Nutrition and product development


  • Raisio develops its products continuously based on customer feedback. The debate concerning the amount of sugar in breakfast cereals continued in 2013. Following customers' wishes in the UK, Raisio decreased the sugar amount of Sugar Puffs cereals to meet the levels recommended by the government. In Finland, Raisio's Elovena whole oatmeal breakfast cereals have The Heart Symbol of the Finnish Heart Association.
  • During 2014, Raisio will start using rapeseed oil instead of palm oil in the biscuits produced in Finland.


  • Benemilk is Raisio's feed innovation that is proven to increase milk yields and improve fat and protein contents of milk. Benemilk feeds have an approximately 10% market share in Finland. Joint venture Benemilk Ltd aims to commercialise the invention to global markets.
  • Raisioagro developed a fish feed concept called Hercules LP Opti, which was well received at the Finnish fish farms. Finnish rainbow trout fed Raisioagro's feeds are tasty and healthy products providing consumers with beneficial EPA and DHA fatty acids at levels recommended in nutrition guidelines.>

Product withdrawals

  • In 2013, Raisio did not withdraw any products due to safety reasons.
  • In Finland, Raisio withdrew two products from central distribution companies and stores to ensure the quality.