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International Raisio is also a very local operator in its home markets. Raw ingredients are mainly sourced locally and the staff working in production plants is local. Raisio also cooperates with local interest groups, such as schools and universities.

Student and school cooperation

In 2013 Raisio emphasized co-operation with schools and students in its cooperation with local interest groups. Projects and thesises were made particularly with cooperation schools. Company visits were arranged to student councellors, teacher students and students of the food and commercial businesses. The virtual company visit was also used when cooperating with schools and universities, and to improve Raisio's image. Raisio also participated in a two-day career path event for thirteen year olds in Finland.

Raisio also decided to participate in a three year Me and MyCity -project that strenghtens kids' understanding about companies and working life.

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Raisio and its personnel donated its Christmas gifts to a children's hospital

At Christmas 2013 Raisio and its personnel in Finland donated the funds reserved for customers' and personnel's Christmas gifts, 16 500 euros in total, to a new national childrens' hospital to be built in Helsinki. Raisio's personnel initiated the donation and chose the which charity will receive the donation.