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Farming supplies

Range of farming supplies sold by Raisioagro has been extended every year. In 2013, the product range was complemented with, for example, preservatives, and the total sales in farming supplies increased by around 40% over the previous year. Raisioagro's online store has significantly increased sales of farming supplies, too.

Except for feed mixes, there were no major changes in the prices of other farming supplies last autumn. The new fertiliser year started from a slightly lower price level than a year before. Prices of grain and fertilisers developed into different directions, which caused the fertiliser trade to spread unevenly over the sales season.

Raisioagro's market position strengthened in all product groups of farming supplies while the total market in Finland remained at previous year's level. Our consistent offering of farming supplies and marketing communication supporting this work are factors behind the growth. Raisioagro still has considerable potential to increase its farming supplies trade. We aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of farming supplies from one place at competitive prices.

Cooperation to benefit customers and the environment

Yara is Raisioagro's main partner in fertiliser trade and we also cooperate in environmental projects. Last year, our work together was most clearly shown in the crop competition called Raisio's Next Top Farmer. The results of the competition showed without doubt that good crops promote environmental effectiveness, when the farming supplies are targeted more accurately.

Neste Oil is Raisioagro's partner in fuel oil trade. In 2013, Raisioagro's fuel oil sales tripled from the previous year. Most of fuel orders are made through our online store. Raisioagro and Neste Oil have agreed to expand their cooperation to include lubricants.

Strong experts as partners

In plant protection products, Raisioagro works together with domestic and international companies. Last year, sales in plant protection products increased significantly and spraying conditions were favourable. In addition, an optimisation programme was developed to help find a right product/product combination. The programme also makes a need calculation after which the customer can have a ready shopping list.

Raisioagro's wide range of seeds

In addition to grain and oil plant seeds, Raisioagro's seed trade includes a versatile range of grass feed mixes developed by the company. Raisioagro is actively seeking to expand its range with new crops and varieties.