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Farmers' experiences with Benemilk

Juho and Merja Salmela

Juho and Merja Salmela are happy milk producers from Uusikaupunki, Finland. With a new fully automatic robotic milking barn and the use of Benemilk Amino Red feed, the yield and contents of milk are high, and so is the farmers' motivation.

The Salmela couple started automated robot milking when the new barn was ready in September 2012. Work became easier, animals' conditions improved and yields rose. At first, the cows were fed Benemilk Amino Black, a familiar feed from the old barn. "Milk yields started to rise immediately when we moved to robotic milking, but we were not quite satisfied with the increase of contents", Juho and Merja recall.

When the barn was full in April 2013, the farmers started to think about more affordable feed alternatives and decided to try Raisioagro's Opti Maituri 26. After the feed change, the milk contents decreased and, eventually, Juho and Merja started with Benemilk feed again but this time, they chose new Benemilk Amino Red.

The impact was amazing; both protein and fat contents of milk increased significantly. As the farm's annual milk quantity is almost 650,000 litres, increased contents and thus higher prices per litre have a considerable impact on income.

Dairy farmers Juho and Merja Salmela are pleased with Benemilk Amino Red feed, which also increase the contents of milk.

Ådahl farm

The Ådahl farm in Alaveteli has been using the Benemilk Black compound feed for two years. Before that, the Ådahls were already quite pleased with the fat and protein contents of milk. Despite the already high initial levels, Benemilk feed further increased the average milk contents. In addition, the milk yield rose.

In 2012, the farm delivered a total of 80,000 more milk than the year before even though there were fewer cows. Annual milk yield per cow was more than 1,000 litres higher. A cow's average milk yield was about 8,900 kg per year.

Veterinary expenses also decreased, cows' fertility improved and a single insemination was enough to get most cows pregnant. The Ådahls have tried many different compound feeds over the years, but they have not received such an increase in the yield and contents of milk before as with Benemilk Black.

The right product for the Ådahl farm is Benemilk Black, which has increased both the yield and contents of milk.