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Raisio is aware of the environmental impacts of its operations. Sustainable policies and transparency form the basis for Raisio's responsible environmental work.

Main events in 2013

  • At Raisio's sites in Finland, investments in environment, health and safety totalled approximately EUR 1.2 million. About 60% of the investments were made to improve energy efficiency and about 20% to develop process safety.
  • Raisio Group avoided serious environmental damages. Minor incidents were reported in Finland and the UK.
  • In Finland, Raisio is involved in the regional odour dispersion study concerning the area of Raisio-Naantali. Odour measurements were carried out in Raisio's industrial area in October. Final report and odour modelling will be completed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute during the spring 2014.
  • During the autumn, Raisio carried out Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) measurements at its vegetable oil factory and dust emissions were measured in Nokia. The measurement results mentioned above met the environmental permit requirements.

Environmental projects

Raisio has identified the key areas of sustainable development by means of the product life cycle assessment, focused on the reduction of waste and energy consumption as well as helped its contract farmers cultivate more sustainably and effectively. Raisio cooperates with its stakeholders in several research and development projects to reduce environmental impacts and to improve its supply chain. For Raisio, it is important to affect the sustainability of the entire food chain, since most of its environmental impacts take place outside Raisio's own operations.

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Scope of environmental reporting

In terms of important environmental impacts, Raisio's environmental reporting covers all the Group's continuous operations in Finland and the UK. Sulma factory in Poland has been included in the reporting from the beginning of 2012 and two Czech production plants of Candy Plus are included in the 2013 reporting. Due to the divestments of operations, the Turku-based non-dairy factory and US-based esterification plant have been removed from the reporting scope.



of the palm oil used by Raisio is certified.