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Sugar in Raisio's products

Consumers in Finland and the UK have become increasingly interested in the amount of sugar in food products. Raisio has acknowledged the sugar debate. We always develop our products based on the consumer feedback. We assess the amount of sugar or the substitution of sugar with alternative sweeteners, especially in the development of new products. In addition, we actively study our existing products and the possibility of reducing their sugar contents.

In the UK, the amount of sugar in breakfast cereals was discussed in the media already in 2012; Raisio reacted to consumers' wishes and reduced sugar in Honey Monster cereals at the beginning of 2013.

For Elovena, Raisio's guideline is that sugar, not artificial sweeteners, is used to sweeten these products. We also have, however, sugar-free alternatives in our selection. In fact, the vast majority of Raisio's products sold in Finland are basic grain products with no added sugar.

Healthy and ecological snacks are the heart of Raisio's business. For example, to meet consumers' wishes, we have launched completely sugar-free options in Elovena Hetki instant oat meals in 2013.

Raisio also has confectionery factories in Central Europe. In confectionery production too, our goal is to provide consumers with healthier alternatives. In many products, sugar can be replaced by various ingredients, such as fruit juices.