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Personnel survey

Raisio's personnel survey was carried out for the fourth time in its current form. The results have improved on the Group level every year and were good in the 2013 survey.

Raisio reached the highest score in the areas of meaningfulness of work, work climate and social support, work-life balance and physical well-being. As in the previous surveys, Raisio got the lowest scores in change management and communications. However, significant improvement has been achieved in both areas compared to the 2007 results.

Raisio wanted to use the staff's feedback as well as possible and invested in the selection and monitoring of solid development areas more than in previous years. The company arranged staff workshops where the results and employees' feedback were discussed. The workshops resulted in unit-specific development plans, the implementation of which will be monitored during 2014.

The response rate for the whole Group was 64%, for Finland 69%, Poland 85% and the UK 60%. The results indicate the opinion of the majority and are thus a good basis for discussion and development.

Small differences between the countries

In 2013, the survey was carried out in Finland, Poland and the UK. In the UK, the survey was conducted for the first time. Local staff responded positively to the survey, and management felt they benefited from the received feedback. Opinions differ just a little from country to country. The best average of all categories is recorded in Poland (3.9/5), Finland is the second and the UK third with an average of 3.7/5.

Differences between the units and personnel groups

Although the results show that average values are at a good level, differences in opinions are found, for example between the units. Work culture supporting the development together with change management were the factors most dividing the opinion between the units.

At Raisio, the highest levels of work well-being were recorded among the superiors and senior employees. When examined by age, the differences in opinion were very small. Employees aged 55-68 were the most satisfied. Differences were also small when examined by position. In almost all areas, superiors were more satisfied or as satisfied as those not functioning in superior position. Job control is the only area they experience lower than other groups. As earlier, senior employees are again among the most satisfied groups. Only job control was assessed the lowest by them. They experienced work-life balance and physical well-being as good as the office staff and workers.

Development of well-being at work is a common task for the whole work community

Raisio works together with its personnel. We pay attention to the problems found in the survey but also to the areas that function well since they are work community's resources worth ensuring. The areas with the lowest scores and areas that could score better when compared with other companies or with the Group's own average level are selected as development targets.

A similar survey was carried out at Raisio also in 2007, 2009 and 2011.