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Consumer brands, Eastern Europe

Raisio has increased its net sales in the Eastern European markets every year. The sale of Benecol margarine was successfully returned to Raisio in Poland and sales have increased. In Russia and Ukraine, consumers value premium flakes made in Finland and sold under the Nordic brand.

Main events in 2013

  • Good sales development in Benecol margarines
  • Renewal of Sulma's pasta range and expansion of sales to cover the whole Poland
  • Good sales development in Russia and Ukraine for premium flakes sold under the Nordic brand.

Operating environment

Benecol margarine, a market leader in Poland

In Raisio's product segments in Poland, Russia and Ukraine, demand for consumer products remained stable. In Poland, the competition in cholesterol-lowering functional margarines intensified with the entry of a new operator. Raisio, however, maintained its position as the market leader and sales developed well.

Year 2013

As expected, 2013 was good in Poland, Russia and Ukraine of the Eastern European markets. In Poland, net sales were up as the sale of Benecol margarines were transferred successfully back to Raisio in the end of 2012. Raisio is a market leader in cholesterol-lowering functional margarines despite the intensified competition in Poland due to the entry of a new operator.

In Poland, Sulma's pasta range was renewed and the product sale has been extended to cover the whole country, which resulted in sales growth of approximately 20 per cent. Net sales grew also in Russia and Ukraine.

EBIT for the Eastern European operations was considerably improved through increased sales in Benecol margarines in Poland. Raisio has good growth potential in the Eastern European markets.