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Raisio's product portfolio includes strong local brands and Benecol, an international brand based on Raisio's top innovation. In 2013, Brands Division's EBIT was 13.6 per cent of net sales, which is on the level of international branded houses. The year 2013 was characterised by the uncertain economic conditions in Europe and the challenging situation that continued in the consumer product markets.

Improved performance for brands division

Raisio's Brands Division is divided into two units: Consumer brands and Licensed brands. Consumer brands unit includes food operations in the Western, Northern and Eastern European markets. Licensed brands unit includes Benecol and the joint venture Benemilk Ltd from 1 July 2013.

Raisio's Brands Division's product range consists of breakfast, snack and baking products, confectionery and plant stanol ester, a unique cholesterol-lowering ingredient of Benecol products. Benecol, Elovena, Honey Monster, Sunnuntai and Nordic are Raisio's well-known food brands. Fox's, Poppets and Juicee Gummee are Raisio's best-known confectionery brands. Major market areas of Raisio's consumer brands are the UK, Finland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

Benecol is the original expert in cholesterol-lowering, and plant stanol ester of Benecol products has been chosen one of the world's most significant nutritional innovations. Benecol products are sold in some 30 countries on five continents. Benecol® is Raisio's trademark and plant stanol ester the company's widely patented ingredient of Benecol products.

Brands division's organization

Key figures for the Brands Division

    Q4/2013 Q3/2013 Q2/2013 Q1/2013 2013 2012
Net sales M€ 78.0 73.3 78.1 75.2 304.7 329.5
  Consumer brands M€ 70.2 65.6 68.8 66.8 271.4 286.1
  Licensed brands M€ 9.7 10.6 10.8 10.3 41.3 45.0
EBIT, excluding one-off items M€ 10.0 10.8 11.1 9.4 41.4 37.4
EBIT, excluding one-off items % 12.9 14.8 14.2 12.5 13.6 11.3
One-off items M€ -2.1 -3.0 -0.6 0.0 -5.7 -2.5
EBIT M€ 7.9 7.9 10.5 9.4 35.7 34.9
Investments * M€ 7.1 3.5 1.9 0.8 13.4 21.2
Net assets M€ - - - - 254.2 271.7

* Including acquisitions